We want authors of destiny not the victims of circumstances

Why Join Licious?

The Licious mission is extraordinary! Like an extraordinary dish that needs a few but potent, expressive & original ingredients. It therefore seeks people who think extraordinarily about everything. We believe in the dreamy eyed spirit. Fits & Misfits who dream with their eyes open can be the champions of the mission we are on. So, what is on the menu for you? A lot! Here are five realities you WILL EXPERIENCE as a Lician.

We are ALL founders

A (mostly) carnivorous bunch of dreamers who are builders at heart. We lead with our heart on our sleeves hoping to inspire the founder’s spirit within others. We think laterally, we’d like to believe we know how to think fast & slow at the same time.

Ankan Halder
Vice President, Strategy Founders’ office

You’ll have the wings to FLY

Dream big, overwhelm yourself, take a big plate that seems “unfinishable” to start with, figure out how to get to finish without “throwing up” along the way. There are no punishments for spectacular failures. We’ve got you ! Just don’t go & mess up on the same count again 🙂 That’s the founders’ learning method.

You’ll have the freedom to THRIVE

Show up as YOU. Dont pretend. It doesn’t matter how good you have been at “managing” perceptions and being diplomatic about stuff in the past. Those skills are redundant here. Authenticity, we value. Deeply! Pretence, we smell like stale fish & you know there’s no place for stale fish at Licious!

You’ll FORGET conventional rewards

Your battle scars, learnings & memories are your reward, your medals will follow. The prize for a target met at Licious is a bigger target than before. Don’t come here to become a VP from AVP or looking for the next 20% on your salary. Come here to discover yourself & add the next 100% to YOU. We will share the spoils with you like founders deserve. But it’s your job to make Licious worth it! 

We are a tribe of FRIENDS

With all that brutal reality we just can’t help but thrive in the raw warmth of friendship & relationships. When battle mode is not on, family mode is on. When battle mode is on, family mode is still on (you don’t need to worry). We go to any length to ensure that a doubt about your/your loved ones well being doesn’t even cross your mind. 

Work at 3 companies at the same time

“The amazing thing about Licious is that it’s not just one company. It’s 3 companies in 1. Not just a beloved food brand. Not just a leading FMCG e-commerce platform revolutionising the meat-buying experience. Not just a game-changing D2C delivery service game-changing supply chain and D2C delivery across India. We are all of the above. That’s what makes us special”

What doesn’t work at Licious

Entitled Thinkers

Our work isn’t just work, it is our life’s work. So it won’t be a walk in the park – this is real work, grunt work! We don’t have time to play defence, snap back, or bask in our past accomplishments. We also have no time to manage perceptions & politics. Make an impact & reap the rewards of recognition, respect and a higher responsibility. It’s simple. Nothing else will get you there.

Analysing, analysing, analysing (and not acting on time)

If you are someone who wants to spend hours analysing instead of rolling up your sleeves and getting to work, then it will not work here. Here, we’re about thoughtful action & mindful judgement. We’re not interested in playing it safe. You take on the challenge or sit on the sidelines & watch us change the world. The choice is yours.

Excuse Makers & Policy Disguisers

Licious can’t wait for its people to wait for instructions, we despise those who would use policies as an excuse for their lack of applying judgement. Our policies are guide rails but the spirit of operating is hardwired into each Lician.

Quality as an afterthought

Anything that falls short of spectacular quality (of thinking & action) simply doesn’t cut it. Our unwavering commitment to quality is non-negotiable. Whether it’s in our products, services, or technology, we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of putting our very best foot forward. (and we hold ourselves to a VERY high bar!)

Self Obsessed Superstars

You may be great but for us no-one is bigger than Licious. We are not building Licious, It is building us. Hence, it’s pointless pushing personal opinions / agendas. We’re here to solve problems together, with the ultimate goal of advancing the customer interest & creating history.

We've made a habit out of winning awards

50 Pitch Top 50 Brands – Winner 2022 & 2023 – Challenger

ET Human Capital Experience Awards 2023
Honoured as one of the ‘Pride of India Brands 2022’  by e4m
Recognised as a ‘Future-Ready Organization’ by The Economic Times
Won the ‘CX Excellence Award 2022’ for the best use of Insights to enhance customer experience
Achieved the ‘Best Places to Work in India Awards 2022’ in the ‘Top 25 Companies in Tech Startup’ category, presented by Ambitionbox
Awarded the ‘AMST Industrial Award 2021’ by the Association of Meat Scientists and Technologists for outstanding contributions to meat sector in the country
Awarded the ‘ESG Thought Leadership Article of the Year’ at the ‘ESG World Summit & Grit Awards 2021’
Recognised as one of the top 75 entrepreneurs in the sector by Govt of India – Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying
Won the ‘CII Award for Food Safety 2019’ under the ‘Small & Medium Food Business Manufacturing’ category

Count your chickens before they hatch

The perks and benefits of working at Licious

Environment to flourish

We’ve created a workplace that’s bursting with energy and creativity. Every inch of our cool office space is designed to inspire you to innovate while collaborating with the smartest minds in the business.

Extended medical insurance coverage

Extended medical insurance coverage

Personal accident coverage

Life insurance

wholesome wellness

When exigencies come calling, we’ve got you covered in every way imaginable – be it through our inclusive insurance plans, access to mental wellness counsellors or time off to take care of yourself and your family (even your furry family!).

Everyday is a food festival

Licians are hungry folks. Not just for great food, but for knowledge, memes, podcasts, books and new skills. We offer the resources for Licians to be ahead of the curve and keep up-to-date with topics they care about.

Environment to flourish

We’ve created a workplace that’s bursting with energy and creativity. Every inch of our cool office space is designed to inspire you to innovate while collaborating with the smartest minds in the business.

inspiring each other

Everywhere you look, there will be people immersed in the next big thing. You’ll work with meat artists, food innovators, award-winning chefs, tech geniuses, business mavericks and many more motivated individuals who are constantly working towards a challenge.

A stake (steak) in the organisation

You’ll be doing remarkable work here, and just a paycheck for all the hard work, just doesn’t cover it. With our ESOP and wealth generation programme, you get a slice of the pie as the company grows. Bring your A-game, and watch your career and bank account flourish.

keep learning and growing

Start stuffing your brain from day one by solving complex problems. We also continuously support your growth by hosting inspiring events, learning programmes, and workshops. And if you want to switch things up, change departments, learn something new – We’re here to help you level up.