Got the chops?

Think you got the raw talent to make a difference at Licious? Let us give you a tour of our teams.

Our Teams

In the Licious kitchen, there are different stations that are constantly cooking up a storm. It is with collective effort that we are able to serve our loyal customers a 5-star selection of meat. Let us introduce you to our teams and the roles they play at Licious.

Customer experience

In charge of making sure that our customers have the best experience with our products and continuously making improvements to exceed their expectations.

Marketing & Revenue

Understands the customer inside out, builds sound strategies to delight them and brings the teams together to achieve the targeted business results.

Technology & Product

Responsible for keeping our edge on all fronts whether it is the advanced technology at our processing centres or the hyper-personalised shopping experience at our platform.

Supply Chain

Mavens of processing, inventory and delivery. Makes sure that every gram of meat meets our high standards and reaches the customer on time.


Constantly experiments, creates, discovers and perfects recipes to bring awesome new products and exciting new flavours to the table.

People Experience

Ensures the culture-fit of Licians when they are chosen, fosters collaboration between Licians and makes sure they enjoy all the benefits that the company has to offer.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring every pixel of perfection in our products, our QA team meticulously ensures that excellence is not just a standard but the way of life for Licians

Finance & Legal

Administers the budget of the Licious kitchen and ensures that documents like legal settlements, vendor agreements and management policies are fully in place.

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