The De Culture

What makes the Licious culture appetising?

3 Customer and quality obsession

We are obsessively focused on the quality of the product and the customer experience. For us, every bite that a customer takes is equivalent to a rocket launch to the moon.

1 Dreamy eyed

We are not afraid of big, crazy and ambitious goals. We jump out of bed every morning knowing that our imaginations will not be halted or stifled.

2 Bias for action and excellence

Remember when we said we dream big? We also execute it smartly. We are the can-doers and the risk-takers who would push that red button without overthinking it.

4 Friendly and fun; hold the mirror!

We are backyard grillers and shawarma- eaters. We are amateur stand up comedians and Avenger buffs. We’re dead serious about having fun and being our authentic selves.

5 Develop people

We believe that it’s our responsibility to develop ourselves & to develop our fellow Licians! Alone, we are just garam masala, chicken and rice but put us together we are majestic biryani ready to wow everyone.

6Respect and humility

It’s simple: We respect our colleagues, respect our customers, we respect differences, respect other opinions, respect new ideas, respect people’s time, respect ourselves and all we ask for is little respect in return.

7 Data and detail orientation

What’s the next best thing after meat? Data. We are always hungry for data. Our thinking and decision making is fact-based, data-backed & detail oriented.


We practise what we preach. Our values are not a footnote to our identity. They are the centrepiece. When we make promises, we see to it that we stick to them, even when no one is holding us to account.

9Profitable, sustainable, scaling

We think 10 years in advance. When we design and deploy a solution, we don’t just stop there. We keep on improving and simplifying our processes to reduce wastage and increase efficiency.

10Passion for meat

There are a number of things we are passionate about but our love for meat surely tops the list.

Deep cuts