Technology to taste buds. Not just farm to fork.

Why Join Licious?

At Licious, we combine the love for food with the love for technology.

Our technology products and systems are crafted with the same passion and dedication we put into our meat. With over 100+ warehouses and a cold chain system, we ensure doorstep delivery within 90 minutes of ordering, maintaining a 2-day shelf life.

Our integrated farming, manufacturing, logistics and e-commerce approach enables us to offer a unique 4-stack product experience, supported by precise planning, supply chain management and advanced technology systems.

Our dedicated technology teams accomplish incredible feats daily, powering our consumer apps, data infrastructure, analytics platforms and customer experience flows.

The questions you didn’t think technology could answer

Our technologists have an insatiable appetite for information and tackle delicious problems for a living

Just another day at the tech team

Turning raw data (wink wink) into valuable insights, Building and rebuilding a powerful tech infrastructure that leads to memorable meals!

Demand forecasting

Our machine learning models accurately predict meat product demand, minimising wastage throughout the supply chain. This entails analysing every SKU across all inventory positions. Complicated? Yes, but it’s nothing our techies can’t handle.

Technology used

Cutting-edge processing line

We employ cutting-edge devices and equipment to meticulously measure, clean, cut, store, and package meat. Our top-notch process guarantees the freshest and finest meat for our customers to savour.

Technology used

A powerful consumer platform

We deliver a seamless and personalised meat buying experience through our platform. Our consumer apps are designed to provide a unique and tailored experience, catering to individual preferences.

Technology used

Data-driven operational control towers

We guarantee the utmost quality of our meat by analysing data down to every gram, promptly notifying our operational teams of any process breaches. Our robust data pipelines handle over 100 million events daily, ensuring seamless operations.

Technology used

Smart logistics solutions

Our technology team helps plan inventory and manage the workload and efficiency of our delivery partners by creating extensive decision-trees.

Technology used

Why join the technology
team at Licious?

Transform how India buys meat

We are building India’s ultimate destination for protein, with zero carbon footprint. You will be on the frontlines of a digital revolution in a traditional industry.

“The tech infrastructure, design and codes enable Licious to give their customers a unique meat buying experience.”
Ankit Bansal
Engineering Manager

Have a high appetite for cutting-edge solutions

Everyday, Licians are tackling challenges and pioneering solutions with both hardware and software.

“There are a million technology pieces that are driving the entire process, until the meat is delivered to the doorstep. Everything, ranging from inventory control, planning, shipping, merchandising, control, discounts, liquidation, wastage etc. All of these areas need extremely detailed tech intervention.”
Alisha Tayal
Engineering Manager

Experiment and make a dent

We are always on our toes working on something new and exciting. Everyone is encouraged to see things differently and contribute to the evolution of the company. 

“Problems cannot be solved in just one way, using various top-down, and bottom-up approaches, we are using our freedom to experiment, implement new designs, explore and learn from our failures to deliver the best solutions and outcomes.”
Anirban Sinha
Engineering Manager 

Belong to a team that is always hungry for more

We are a team of game-changers who stick together like 0s and 1s. Our common goal is to never settle and keep improving our products with ever-smarter solutions.

“You’ll have the opportunity to work with great people, tackle big challenges and make a real impact at Licious.”
Saifuddin Mohammed
Senior Engineering Manager

Be excited for the future

The future of food lies in technology. We get to be the part of an organisation that is shaping new possibilities.

“You get to experiment with Algorithmic solvers, block chain, IOT. The innovation in this domain is yet to happen across the world and we are driving it.”
Jane Doe

Curious? Want to know
more about Tech@Licious?

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