You are the
magic ingredient

Chandni is the
magic ingredient

Chandni is making customers fall head over heels for Licious. Her journey at Licious spans nearly five years, witnessing our transformation from a humble startup to a unicorn

Bikram is the
magic ingredient

Bikram chases excellence and how! His contribution in catapulting sales for some of our kebab range has been a game changer for our ready to cook category

Naimisha is the
magic ingredient

Naimisha knack for calculating precise gross margins and managing inventory intricacies helps Licious make smart decisions

The D2C market is on fire. If our workplace is the kitchen and our product is Licious and all it stands for, then what makes us special?

We have a magic ingredient. It is our people. Licians are the magic ingredient.

Less than 10 years, Licians have changed how Indians buy, enjoy and think about meat

India has a rich heritage of meat that goes way back. But when we saw hypocrisies and inefficiencies in the Indian meat experience, we set forth to transform it. We brought technology-backed innovation, we built game-changing supply chain networks, we took quality-assurance to the next level, we stepped the variety of options available to the Indian meatarian.
Packaging? Pioneered it. Logistics? Totally reinvented. Storage? Achieved the impossible. Reach? A scale that is never-before-imagined. In a remarkably short span of time, we have disrupted an age-old industry in a nation of billions.
The best part is, we are only getting started.
The best part is,
we are only getting started.

Our vision

Our vision

Our vision

Why join Licious

Curious about joining our mix of magic ingredients and starting to sizzle?  Here are five realities that you will experience as a Lician.

We are ALL
Get the
wings to
Get the freedom to THRIVE
You’ll FORGET conventional
We are a tribe of FRIENDS
Work for 3 companies at the same time

Our Milestones

Our feat in five numbers

Today, Licious is India’s largest direct-to-consumer (D2C) fresh meat, seafood and gourmet meat brand. Grab a glass of water before you dig in. The scale of our success might be a little bit difficult to digest. Let us break it down for you.




hungry cities


state-of-the-art processing centres


orders. Every. Single. Day.


state-of-the-art processing centres


network of cities


happy customers

The face on
the box

The face on the box

When we say we are obsessed with our customers, it’s not an exaggeration. Proof? We put the faces of our customers on every single pack.

That moment when a customer bites into a delicious Licious product. That moment and a million such moments are what Licians work towards every single day. That is the juice of life!

At Licious, you do more and be more

1 job, 3 companies

We are a disruptive, juggernaut of an organisation at the juncture of three different domains — Product, Platform and Service. This gives you industry knowledge and opportunities like no other.


Licians are building India’s favourite meat brand on the foundation of trust. Whether it is our quality checks to ensure choicest quality of meat, vacuum-sealed packaging, highly specialised cuts or incredible range of products — our expertly trained meat technicians and product specialists pull out all the stops to put a big smile on the faces of meat lovers.


Licians are building India’s biggest D2C meat platform with a combination of customer insights, data driven research and cutting-edge technology. Thanks to Licians, meat lovers across India can enjoy a curated and personalised meat buying experience. Licians make way for a meatopia, at your fingertips!


Licians are redefining the meaning of customer delight in every way possible. With an infallible supply chain network, we promise farm-to-fork delivery of meat within 24 hours. With a first-of-its-kind IoT-powered cold chain, we maintain 0-4°C to preserve the natural goodness of meat. With our ever-present customer support, we leave nothing to chance.

Sustainability at Licious

Licians wear red , but think green

Since we started in 2015, Licians have been creating a benchmark for the industry by championing sustainability in meat sourcing, meat processing and management of waste.

We are the largest D2C brand in India to be certified with FSSC22000, one of the highest food safety certifications in the world. Licious is also the first company in the segment to take a pledge toward achieving complete ESG (Environmental, social and corporate) compliance.

We have received the SA8000 certificate, and we are the first meat brand in India and among the 10 companies globally to receive it.

Our ESG Pledge*

*Our ESG pledge comprises 8 specific themes focused on quality, sustainability and traceability — aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (the UN SDGs).